Mauricio Cáceres Bravo

Economics PhD candidate at Brown University


I am an aspiring researcher am working towards earning a PhD from Brown University. My fields of interest are health economics, labor economics, and industrial organization.


Mortality Effects and Choice Across Private Health Insurance Plans (with Jason Abaluck, Peter Hull, and Amanda Starc). The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Forthcomming.

The effects on insurance costs of restricting undocumented immigrants’ access to driver licenses (with Kenneth P. Jameson). Southern Economic Journal, 81, no. 4: 907–927.

Projects in Progress

The Impact of Prison Heterogeneity on Inmate Outcomes.

What is Driving Rising Pharmaceutical Prices in the US? (with Craig Garthwaite and Fiona Scott Morton).

Product Variety Across Retail Chains (with Kevin R. Williams and Thomas W. Quan).