Mauricio Cáceres Bravo

Economics PhD candidate at Brown University


May 2017


Faster (3-50x) implementation of collapse, reshape, xtile, tabstat, contract, egen, isid, winsor, levelsof, distinct, and more using C plugins.

June 2017


I coded the alogit stata command to estimate the model detailed by Abaluck and Adams-Prassl' paper, 'What do Consumers Consider Before They Choose? Identification from Asymmetric Demand Responses'

Feb 2016

Power Tools

Personal notes and Stata programs to aid in power analysis (parametric and simulation; clustering and stratification).

Juy 2015


Fill in LyX and LaTeX tables using a placeholder system.

I really like programming and it's proved to be very useful in my work and daily life. I keep several of my projects in my github page, and feedback is always welcome!

Stata Projects

  • parquet: Import and export parquet files from Stata using Arrow's C++ API.
  • diffiv: Fast implementation of Gandhi and Houde (2016) style instruments.
  • shasum: Wrapper for OpenSSL implementation of various cryptographic hash functions (SHA1, etc.).
  • mcmisc: Collection of miscellaneous Stata snippets and utilities.
  • matrix-tools: Various utilities to work with Stata matrices.


Other Projects

  • gmail-download: Download and sort all gmail e-mails into various formats using the Gmail API.
  • gre-cli-words: Show a random GRE vocab word in the command line.
  • highlight-sas-stata: Various implementations highlighting SAS and Stata (pygments, listings, highlight.js)